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Stacy Speedlin

Dr. Stacy Speedlin Gonzalez is a Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor (LPC-S) and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) in the state of Texas. She is board certified as a Nationally Credentialed Counselor (NCC). Her professional values are exemplified in her precision and deep commitment to her research, evaluation, and clinical work. She exemplifies the core value of equity and inclusive practices through her teaching, research, and scholarly activities. Clinically, she works with persons from all walks of life; most recently, she sees a lot of healthcare professionals and first responders. She is known for working with various peer-assistance programs and licensure boards; she helps her clients navigate these systems and remain on the road to recovery. Dr. Speedlin Gonzalez also values servant leadership at the local, regional, and national levels. Presently, she is the Professional Trustee of Membership for the Society of Affectional, Intersexual, and Gender Expansion (SAIGE) Association. She also serves on the Advisory Council for the National Board of Credentialing Counselors (NBCC) Minority Fellowship Program for Addiction Counselors. Additionally, she is a member of the Texas Council of Family Violence (TCFV) Public Policy Committee. Her research interests include LGBTQ+ issues in counseling, substance use disorders, mental health disparities, and women’s issues. Dr. Speedlin Gonzalez is the owner and Executive Director of Salient Clinical Services – a company created to provide optimal clinical, evaluative, and consulting services. She is also a nationally recognized speaker; having given multiple talks and workshops on the topics of mentorship, relationships, LGBTQ+ Ally-Development, and Cultural Responsiveness. Additionally, she has published several peer-reviewed manuscripts on addiction, trauma, mentorship, and grief.