How do I register multiple people?

Easy! Here are the steps:

If you are attempting to register 5 or more people, we offer a group training discount of 20% for 5 or more people on the same invoice. Please contact us here with the relevant details so we can apply the discount and send you an invoice. 

Trying to register fewer than 5 people? Simply add the program(s) you wish to purchase on behalf of someone else to the shopping cart by clicking the 'register' button.

At checkout, please supply your name and email in the purchaser fields (this will ensure you get sent the receipt) and then enter the first and last name and email address of each person for whom you are purchasing under the program name (Note: if you are purchasing the same program for 3 people, make sure to increase the quantity to 3). 

Voila! It's that simple. You will receive the receipt; those for whom you were purchasing will receive registration confirmation emails for their respective program(s).